5 ways to increase sales on your website

(2 minute read)

Wondering how your website is performing? A recent study tracked over 50 million website visits and calculated an average conversion rate of 1.4%. Whether you’re above or below this figure, even small increases can make large improvements to revenue and profits.

Here are 5 ways you can increase sales from your website.

Offer free shipping

Free shipping is becoming more common and this means more customers expect it (at least domestically). Although you will have to absorb the cost, try and increase the value of every transaction through special deals or showing what other customers also bought, and encourage repeat purchases with automated emails.

Use simple language and experiment

CTA button buy now vs shop now

Use simple and meaningful language for your calls to action. Look at what other major ecommerce sites are doing and try different words or phrases. Even subtle changes like ‘Shop now’ to ‘Buy now’ can have a significant effect. Testing differences with services like Optimizely can make it a lot easier.

Provide detailed product information

Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and think about you would want to know about the product. How will it fit? How do I use it? Where is it made? Adding professional product photography, customer reviews, testimonials, and frequently asked questions can all help to get the visitor over the line and help built trust and credibility, two essential components of all online transactions.

Even for everyday products, what would you prefer to see when buying dog food online? Give your visitors enough information to make an informed decision but no more.

Provide detailed product information for ecommerce sites

Reduce clutter and distractions

Avoid clutter on your product and checkout pages. When a visitor is on a product page don’t distract them with irrelevant offers and large banners. On checkout pages don’t add links that aren’t part of the checkout process. Some sites even remove site navigation to funnel visitors through the checkout.

Check your site search


A lot of visitors use site search to browse ecommerce sites. Try out your own site search to look for a variety of products and categories like a customer would. Do they even show up in site search? Are the results easy to read? Is it a good experience or an awful one? If your site search is bad, visitors won’t tend to stick around unless you’re the only seller of your product.

#protip If you have analytics installed see if your visitors are finding what they are searching for. They’ll usually give up after a few tries.

Initially it can be hard to find out how to boost your online sales, but the best place to start and end is by putting yourself in the shoes of the customer. Try and think how they think and do the things they would do on your website. Make it a pleasurable, easy and trustworthy experience and you’ll no doubt reap the rewards.

Image courtesy of Ravi via flickr.